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Report - 27th October 2007
Fletching vs Keymer & Hassocks
Div 3

Fletching had to put up an unqualified referee for the game and in what might be considered a sour contest the K & H contingent felt he carried off a difficult task very well in offering their thanks at the end.

As to the game K & H were somewhat found out as in truth they have not performed convincingly as a team since the opening day fixture rather relying on some good individual performances and taking the chances that come their way in the normal course of a game.

Fletching were better in every aspect and against some very poor defending were deservedly 3-0 up by half time when the game was effectively over.

K & H were a little better after the break but Fletching denied them any time on the ball and they had to wait till near the end for James Handford to hit a consolation efffort.

The only enjoyable part of the day was seeing Fletching Village disappear ino the distance as K & H made a swift exit.

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