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Report - 23rd February 2008
Keymer & Hassocks vs Roffey
Div 3

With uniform tracksuit tops and elaborate warm up routines (cones spread over half of the pitch) Roffey struck a stark contrast with the K & H players turning up in what might be called non-smart casual rubbing the sleep from their eyes.before embarking on their usual informal pre-match kick-in minus Captain Ben Watson who of course has his own routine of a pre-match fag.

With a slight degree of apprehension K & H took the field against a side that clearly had come confident of a win and why not given their excellent results with the Title obviously in the bag.

K & H with only 1 recognised front man had to reorganise and play a disciplined game that is not really in their nature but against a very fit and mobile outfit stood up well in the first half which Roffey edged in terms of possession and pressure.

K & H took confidence themselves from this into the second half when they felt the balance of play was even and that their hard work and resolve would deliver a share of the points but the game was decided in a five minute spell.Toby Raftery worked his way into the box and found Gregor Ross whose shot rebounded off the post-but shortly after they gave the ball away in midfield and Roffey were in for a quality finish that gave K & H MOM Craig Jackson no chance.

The Roffey entourage were understandably overtly triumphant at gaining yet another win and if as seems likely they don't drop any points as Champions it would suggest they should really have been playing at a significantly higher level all along.

K & H meanwhile reflect on a further loss in a decidedly indifferent season.Roffey are very competitive but also very fair in the way they play and fully derserve their success-but K & H should take some heart from knowing they gave them a test on the day and maybe just maybe generated some respect in return.

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