Keymer & Hassocks

4th October 2008
Cuckfield Town vs Keymer & Hassocks
Div 2

Keymer and Hassocks suffered a defeat to an average Cuckfield side on the weekend. Although K&H were the better team in the first half, hitting the bar on several occasions, it was their captain that let everyone down.

On his return from injury (fat camp) Ben Watson seemed to have a bundle of 50p coins under his shirt. He was unable to control a single thing. Every time the ball came near him it bounced in a very odd direction as if his body was made of an odd substance???

When it came to Ben actually having the ball at his feet it was a complete and utter disaster. Basically passing the ball to the opposition they were able to claim a corner which resulted in the only goal of the game.

We are all in agreement that there should be a new captain, maybe in the shape of...well anything but Ben.



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