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28th April 2009
Keymer & Hassocks vs Ifield
Junior Cup Final

K & H lost out 4-2 on penalties in the final of the Junior Charity Cup-a marathon affair finishing 1-1 after extra time.The game was held up at one point when all the match balls had been kicked out of the ground and there was nothing to play with for 5 minutes and a further 15 minutes or so were lost when one of the Ifield players sustained a very nasty injury but thankfully it seems is ok

K & H had enough chances to take the lead in the 1st half and as is so often the way paid the price when Ifield showed them how to do it early on the 2nd half with a very well taken goal.K & H tried desperately to get back in it but the poor finishing continued and the Ifield goalkeeper proved to be in good form.Matt Thomas however finally managed to force the ball over the line after it had bobbled about in the area

K & H continued to push for the winner but Ifield were always dangerous-neither could break the deadlock although Ifield looked the more likely winners as they got the upper hand in the 2nd half of extra time

If there was nothing between the teams at the finish there certainly was in the penalty shoot out which Ifield deservedly won with ease.For the record Troy Raftery and Dave Edwards scored for K & H

Congratulations to Ifield-commiserations to K & H as they lose a 2nd consecutive final on penalties and  are left only with another set of poxy losers medals to contemplate

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