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18th Sep2010
Keymer & Hassocks vs Newick
Div 2

K & H picked up their 1st point of the season in a 3-3 draw at home to Newick

Playing at their new temporary home-The Belmont Stadium-they defended the slope in the first half and equipped themselves quite well in containing the Newick attacks until stand in keeper Ian Smith got his hands to decent shot which he thought he had put over only to turn around and see it squirm into the net

K & H soon responded but were disappointed on a couple of occasions as the Ref apparently did not want to play advantage blowing up twice when K & H were in strong attacking positions. K & H were finally back in it when Gary Kerr found himself unmarked in the six yard box and dispatched a Toby Raftery corner first time

So K & H took the field for the restart quietly confident they could push for the win but Newick’s defenders worked hard at denying their forwards any space and it was not until the ball broke to Jo Davey at the edge of the box that they finally got in front.

The next few minutes were to see a complete turnround as Newick mounted a quick break Troy Raftery and Gary Kerr closed in and it looked like the Newick forward had been brought down but the Ref said it was a penalty for handball-Kerr having slipped and fallen on the ball. A bit contentious but fair enough until 2 minutes later another penalty this time after Kerr appeared to clear the ball before making contact with an opponent.K & H were not at all happy about this one being adamant it was outside the area but to no avail so now 3-2 down and looking thoroughly fed up.Worse to follow as James Emmens pulled his hamstring following a smart run and cross shot which almost found the far corner-Kerr who had already been booked was then pulled up for trying to shadow the ball out of play for a goal kick the Ref claiming it was out of playing distance and finally another booking this time for Ian Parsons after what even some of the the Newick lads acknowledged as an excellent tackle.It would not have been surprising if the players and supporters were now struck down with tinnitus such was the volume and frequency of the Refs whistle with the rhythm of the game being constantly interrupted despite the contest being played in seemingly good spirit

In desperation K & H went three at the back bringing Robin King on as an extra forward and in applying a bit more pressure to the Newick back line Toby Raftery finally put a run together and found the far corner albeit with a little help from the Belmont bobble

The Ref who seemed a perfectly pleasant fellow was asked about some of his decisions and explained quite reasonably he gave as he saw –but one of their players (who had not been booked) was sadly heard to remark afterwards ’’a game like that could ,make you want to give up football altogether’’ which whatever the rights or wrongs was a bit concerning



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