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12th Dec 2010
Keymer & Hassocks vs Ashurst Wood
Div 2

K & H found themselves facing bogey team Ashurst Wood who they never seem able to get a result against,added to that before the kick off their front man expressed incredulity that they are actually top of the league which perhaps rubbed it in although quite what that says about Ashurst Wood who are seven points behind having played 1 more game perhaps he has yet to work out

K & H planned not to concede in the first half and managed to deal reasonably with some well constructed attacks by AW but they had Craig Jackson to thank for a super save when it seemed certain the visitors would score.Jo Davey put Toby Raftery in at the other end with a great pass but the excellent AW keeper was quickly off his line to make the save.Gregor Ross was having a hard time trying to get in the game with his marker clinging to him like a second skin whilst Jo Davey also came in for some particular attention it being a wonder his shirt had not been ripped off by half time

K & H might have expected early territorial advantage in the second half playing down the slope but their game became very sloppy and AW had more of the ball and looked the more likely to score which they did from a disputed free kick floated into the box.It seemed to elude everyone sneaking in at the far post-K & H were clearly deflated by what seemed a bad goal to concede although Gregor Ross claimed afterwards he would have cleared the ball but from a push from behind

In the past K & H may well have fallen away at this point but with their MOM Ian Parsons more than able to mix it in the middle they are more of a physical force and spurred on by this they strove to get back in the game which finally was achieved from a fine free kick by Parsons which Toby Raftery bullet headed goalwards-credit to the AW keeper who got a hand to it but he was beaten by the power

Both side sides then slugged it out to try and force the winner K & H’s best chance falling to Robin King

Whilst a misjudged throw out by Craig Jackson handed AW a chance but it was blazed over

As darkness fell the contest finally came to a close with AW once again undefeated



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