Keymer & Hassocks Football Club. Playing Football in Hassocks at Adastra Park since 2003

25th February 2011
Newick vs Keymer & Hassocks
Div 2

With 8 regulars unavailable K & H had to cancel the second teams fixture to get a side out (thanks to the stupid league rule that does not allow the firsts to cancel in these circumstances) –bad enough but made worse by having to play at Newick their least favourite venue in the whole world-playing on the side of a hill with a mud heap at the bottom.

Although the players did their best the number of changes was just too much and a measure of how lousy K & H were was that they made a poor Newick side look good.

All three goals were gifted from K & H’s perspective whilst they created nothing of their own despite having Div 9 goal machine Rob Kift up front-on this performance in need of an urgent overhaul as his pre match ritual of having a good evening out and staying up all night sadly let him down this time.

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