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12th March 2011
Copthorne vs Keymer & Hassocks

K & H found themselves in another cup semi-final by way of a walkover in the previous round

They have had 2 major disappointments in earlier cup finals when they were cheated against so have no great appetite to go through such experience again.They were therefore not too bothered one way or the other about the outcome

The pitch was a disgrace-like playing on cobblestones with the ball sometime kicking up to head height and K & H found it nearly impossible to play their preferred short passing game whilst Copthorne were less bothered and were able to play the longer ball to good effect

K & H conceded a really soft opener but managed to keep it at that till half time at which point they felt they were still in the game.However they became more ragged after the restart and when the second goal went in and a penalty was conceded for the third they effectively stopped trying

Curiously on reflection K & H did create five clear scoring opportunities but could not finish against a good goalie who at times though seemed to be living a charmed existence

In the end Copthorne won easily and deservedly although their exuberant celebrations at overcoming such weak opponents were a trifle embarrasing

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