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7th January 2012
Keymer & Hassocks vs Buxted

K & H progressed to the semi finals of the Montgomery Cup with a 3-2 win over Buxted after extra time

The visitors were already in our preferred changing room when we arrived and also took our preferred south goal for their warm up -cones bibs and everything-- but no matter they seemed like nice people and were our guests for the day

K & H looked very rusty from the outset given the long Christmas break,Buxted were the more lively and were soon asking questions of the home defence with some quick breaks and testing crosses into the box.They thought they had taken the lead when their impressive front man got behind the K & H defence but he was flagged offside and it was ruled out much to their supporters annoyance who immediately labelled the lino a cheat.K & H then took the lead when Rob Kift pounced on a chance inside the six yard box

In the second half K & H expected to up the pressure on their opponents but they appeared very heavy legged and Buxted took advantage forcing an error from keeper Craig Jackson which was headed home from close range.The lead was restored when Rob Kift was put through by Toby Raftery and he finished first time with a drive off the far post-however Buxted never gave up and deservedly fought their way back when Troy Raftery cramped up and was unable to stop their front man scoring again from close range

So to extra time and more acrimony as Buxted found the net from a free kick but the lino had his flag up.The Ref consulted and was told the forward was offside behind the K & H wall when the ball was kicked-he NOT the lino decided he was interfering with play and disallowed the effort but of course as far as the Buxted crowd was concerned it was down to the cheating lino again.Calamity followed as Fin Fogarty was sent off for second wild challenge thereby establishing as founder member the Subbed on Sent Off Club Given a man down they could have become dispirited but against the odds Toby Raftery managed to work his way into the box and cross to Kift who notched a truly special goal with a great first touch and shot on the turn thereby atoning for 3 earlier misses as he could quite easily have scored 6 on the day

Shortly after a second member of the Subbed on Sent Off Club surfacednamely Duncan O'Reilly-who was heavily fouled and seemed to make an aggressive move towards his opponent who then appeared to butt him in the face.The Ref only sent Duncan off for head butting however saying that was all he had seen (how this could be was puzzling maybe he has a long blink condition?).Duncan earned MOM however for his eloquent leaving address as his exited the pitch theatrically tearing off his shirt for dramatic effect.His opponent seemed to find Duncan's anguish amusing but his smile was short lived after some advice from K & H skipper Ben Watson delivered in mime The Ref seemed to have quite long conversations with the Buxted contingent both at full time and halfway through extra time-whatever that was about we cannot know but K & H became unhappy with a number of decisions against them.

This was a very sour contest however with the Buxted supporters apparently claiming every offside given against them was down to cheating overlooking the number of offsides given by their own lino which significantly exceeded those against them.They should rightly be disappointed when goals are disallowed but what K & H could not grasp was the feeling that the offside law should only apply to one team.Also the Ref is the final arbiter and if he disagreed with any decisions has the power to overrule--he did not.In the event the K & H lino removed himself for the final part of the contest as constantly being called a cheat was having a corrosive effect.Maybe we missed a trick here and should have adopted the same approach to theirs

Whatever K & H have reached a semi-final of a contest they did not originally want to enter but at the price of 2 upcoming suspensions, a nice fat cheque for the SCFA and and sense of genuine dislike for their opponents which would appear to be mutual.Maybe best for all if we never have to meet each other again this side of eternity as it seems impossible our opposing views on offside could ever be reconciled

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