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10th March 2012
Balcombe vs Keymer & Hassocks
Montgomery Cup

K & H’s finally exited the Montgomery Cup 2-0 on a corrugated surface away at Balcombe

They had to change their pre-match plans as top scorer Robert Kift mysteriously withdrew on the morning of the game (for the second week running),and that did leave them a bit lightweight up front

Balcombe opted to kick down the hill in the first half and K & H found themselves under pressure from the off but seemed to be coping reasonably well until they conceded an unfortunate own goal.Nevertheless they felt reasonably comfortable to reach the break only 1-0 down thinking they could create something in the second half

That hope quickly evaporated as they were caught cold from the restart and the home side capitalised on a defensive error to fire home and effectively end the contest

K & H did have a late rally winning a penalty but that was saved by the excellent Balcombe keeper

Balcombe deserved the win but the contest was soured somewhat by the abuse suffered by the K & H lino and the challenging of almost every decision that did not go their way-maybe justice if there are a lot of them in the final

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