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27th October 2012
Copthorne vs Keymer & Hassocks
Div 1

K & H troubles continue with a 4-1 defeat at Copthorne.After a week spent trying to get a team sorted they were finally helped out by Pat Harding kindly agreeing to play at late notice.
The contest was keenly contested on a soaking pitch which deteriorated as the rain continued to bucket down.Despite this both sides tried to play-the youthful home side( who seemed markedly better than that faced last year in a cup game) played with great energy and the more aged K & H side found themselves having to work hard to keep pace with them.That said both sides did create chances in the first half with Copthorne finally converting one of theirs

K & H felt they were still in the game at the restart but that soon changed as the Referee awarded a penalty for what seemed a perfectly good challenge by Dan Goodrum-which some of the Copthorne players agreed.The conversion effectively ended the contest although Goodrum did have the consolation of netting an effort from close range near the end

The Referee was it seems concerned about player safety at half time given the state of the pitch but stopped short of abandoning the game despite its continuing descent into a mud heap which saw players struggling to keep their feet at times



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